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Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home and School - John Medina

John Medina self-confessed nice guy but grumpy scientist of the developmental molecular biologist variety leads us through 12 things about how the brain works aka "Brain Rules". He logically presents the science, introduces us to researchers from behind the scenes and more importantly offers suggestions how each rule is applicable to our daily lives, especially in the work environment.

Excellent read for anyone who enjoys delving into their biological make up and exploring our fascinating bodies at molecular level. Complicated concepts are break down into easily digestible chunks and illustrated with endless examples. I'll definitely remember the "Fantastic Voyage" where readers are taken in a miniature submarine on a journey to discover the watery world of a neutron inside our brain.

These "Brain Rules" provide the quantifiable data that make it impossible to ignore the innate holistic nature of our body. Performance coaching reaches across the majority of these seemingly separate entities. There's no such thing as a firewall between our work & home life. We don't have two brains that we change depending on whether we're at work or at home. Fundamentally private areas of our lives easily infiltrate into the work arena (& vice versa) often without our knowledge or despite our best endeavours. Everyone is only human & its biologically natural.

The better you know yourself, your work colleagues, your friends and family in the different areas of memory, stress, exercise, sleep, attention, gender, music, evolution, sensory integration and wiring; then the greater success you will have in communication, development of relationship strategies and overall performance.

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