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What is mBIT Coaching?

mBraining is the process of aligning and harnessing the power of your multiple intelligences (head, heart and gut 'brains') through a series of practical coaching methods and exercises: multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT®).


Each multiple intelligence has a competency or 'highest expression' that produces synergistic effects and brings greater wisdom to decision-making, relationships and life. These highest expressions are compassion (cardiac - heart), creativity (cephalic - head) and courage (enteric - gut). 

mBraining coaching was created by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu and builds upon the practices of neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive linguistics, positive psychology and behavioural modelling to create a practical integrated approach that is practical, and brings immediate results. mBraining places our olfactory and gustatory senses at the centre of coaching in contrast to neuro-linguistic programming, which focuses on visual, auditory and kinaesthetic senses. Further information on mBIT® Coaching can be found here

mBIT®'s ground-breaking coaching methods supports clients to eliminate "stuckness", remove blockages over goals, face unknown fears, quieten internal chatter, connect with their inner self, improve confidence, discover authentic desires and ultimately reach their peak performance.  



'The brain is a far more open system than we ever imagined, and nature has gone very far to help us perceive and take in the world around us. It has given us a brain that survives in a changing world by changing itself'.

Norman Doidge

Scientific research cites specific quantities, structural and functional characteristics of neural pathways to determine the classification of a complex neural pathway, multiple intelligences or 'brains' in humans. The numbers of neurons within a cluster are: cephalic (50-100 billion), enteric (200-500 million) and cardiac (30-120,000). As a point of comparison, domestic cats have a similar quantity as the human complex gut neural pathway.


Recent neuro-scientific discoveries have overturned the previously dominant static neuron based theories, stating that where the humans were born with a certain number of neurons which slowly degenerated over an individual’s lifespan. This structural plasticity indicates that our neural pathways (head, heart and gut) constantly grow new neurons, new dendrites and new synapses. In addition, our existing neural connections display functional plasticity through continuous adaptation and change on an hourly basis. 


The Power of Words

The embedded power of metaphors and meaning in our language is deconstructed through mBIT® coaching to provide new insights into your passions, desires and identity.


mBIT® coaching sessions re-align our multiple intelligences to empower, motivate and improve commitment with deep transformational results. Our language instinctively refers to intuitive messages from our different brains. Think about our constant internal voice or actual conversations where the following words might arise:  

Shut Up Head!
I need to get my head around this
I haven’t got a head for heights
My heart’s desire
My heart is broken
We need a heart to heart
Everything went belly up
I need to take some time to digest this
It just doesn’t sit well
mBraining Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff Grant Soosalu Marvin Oka

Marvin and Grant’s ideas are explored in their book mBraining: Using your Multiple Brains to do Cool Stuff, which covers extensive anecdotal, empirical and scientific references to support the theory of multiple brains and provides practical exercises to integrate into everyday life.

Anna-Marie is part of an international community of over 1,200 accredited mBIT professional coaches. This network of trained professional coaches facilitates cutting-edge coaching sessions to increase intuitive abilities and generate wiser decision making in your life. Find the global directory of accredited mBIT® coaches can be found here.

Professional Certified mBIT coach
Neuroscience Cells that fire together, wire together
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