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Anna-Marie Watson | Performance Coach

Anna-Marie is a phenomenal coach, who with her sensitive and yet analytical questions, managed to help me discover myself to a deeper and deeper level. She helped me to sort my thoughts and then see clearly what I was hiding from myself, and she did it with the greatest respect and giving me room and time throughout the process. 

Tanya, Hospitality Sector, London 

Anna-Marie is a very calm, professional coach who really gives you the space to explore different dimensions of your life and get in touch with deep-rooted thought processes. Her patience and the ability to bring you to a place of clarity are remarkable!

Ruchi, Development Coach & Trainer, London

Anna-Marie has helped me find my own solutions and inspired me to firstly clarify and then take action to move me towards my goals. In just a few months, the obstacles I now face seem less significant. She has a remarkable ability to prompt a moment of sudden revelation or self-realisation!


I always return energised and focused with a renewed enthusiasm for tackling the challenges ahead.

Kay, Maristow Chiropractic Clinic, Westbury

Anna-Marie has the gift of positivity. This combined this with her attitude towards challenge, her practical knowledge and skills, which she readily shares, enables people to find a deep-rooted determination. Anna-Marie supports the growth of courage; the kind of courage which helps you complete.


We all have dreams and things we’d love to do, but just aren’t sure if we actually have the strength to do it. However, spending even a short amount of time with Anna-Marie can change that.

But perhaps the best thing about all of this is that Anna-Marie makes it feels natural. Her friendly and professional style eases you into the benefits of challenge. Whether you are listening to Anna-Marie talk, or being coached, you will start to understand more about what you are truly capable of.

Rebecca, Co-Founder of the WAExpo, Bristol

My coaching experience with Anna-Marie has far surpassed my expectations. In only a short number of sessions, I have uncovered a fresh perspective and direction for my future career. Anna-Marie's sensitive and passionate, yet goal-orientated and productive approach, encouraged me to look beyond the limit I had previously set for myself.


This incredibly positive experience will no doubt influence me in terms of future outcomes. I cannot recommend this gifted lady highly enough and I won't hesitate to encourage others to get in touch

Anna, Sales Manager, Bradford on Avon

I was incredibly sceptical about what coaching and mentoring could really do for me and how much I would really learn about myself that I hadn't already learnt after 16 years in the Army. Little did I know that, as a result of Anna-Marie's facilitation and insightful questioning, I would be empowered to completely change the direction in which my life was heading, leave my job, sell almost all of my worldly possessions, go travelling for 6 months and take the steps I needed to start living the life I had always dreamt about.


Anna-Marie is not judgmental, really listens (which is a skill!) and doesn't try to give advice, but is really good at getting you to figure out answers for yourself. The decisions you arrive at are the most powerful and the most enduring and are most likely to stick. If coaching and mentoring is something you've always thought about but were sceptical of give it a go. It will make you dig deep and think hard but will give you the skills you need to move on and find happiness/success on your own terms.


Monica, Learning and Development Consultant, Salisbury

Anna-Marie is gifted in her ability to connect. Her passion towards coaching, probing questions and consistent focus on an outcome helped me find direction and my authentic self.

Kish, GEMS Education Group, Delhi

Anna-Marie organised an outdoor coaching centred team-building day in Chamonix, Mont Blanc. The day was a great success; well organised and carefully planned. The informal surroundings aided openness and conviviality and this allowed attendees to push deeper with questions. The primary goal of cross-team interaction, understanding and appreciation were successfully achieved.


Anna-Marie's personal facilitation techniques were very professional, relaxed yet attentive and very mindful of key deliverables and goal driven.


Charlie, Managing Director Haute Pursuit, Chamonix, France 

Anna-Marie's use of silence is inspiring and helps create space to explore and understand more deeply what we are thinking. With Anna-Marie I feel supported helping me move forward, to be honest and accountable to myself. A cheerleader in every way.

Andrew, Programme Manager, Swindon

Anna-Marie designed a bespoke package that delivered all of our needs. She worked with my team of 7 Directors and Department Heads, conducting an effective analysis of preferred methods of communication and improving how we interact. We are indebted to Anna-Marie for her calming, amiable yet notably professional approach. We will undoubtedly ask her to support our training in the future. Her performance was first class. Thank you. 


                               Martin, CEO Restore, Oxford

Anna-Marie is an engaging, thoughtful and approachable speaker. Her passion for her sport and for getting the most out of life were evident to see. A very positive and rewarding experience for all involved.

Matt, Assistant Head Co-Curricular, Benenden School

Anna-Marie has an amazing work ethic, commitment and energy. Her innovative ideas and foresight yield her impressive results I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Emma, Specialist Educator, Sydney
I found Anna-Marie to be highly focussed, dedicated, yet flexible in her approach. This coupled with her attentive listening style ensures she always comes up with the right questions that enable you to think your way to your own best answers. Thank you Anna-Marie!
Tim, Business Growth Coach, Dubai
Anna-Marie has, for as long as I have known her, been single minded about anything she sets out to do. Her ability to encourage you to keep up with her drive and enthusiasm is founded on a solid foundation of not expecting you to do anything that she can’t, as well as the drive to achieve praise, which is never given lightly and without good reason. She could make monotony bearable by adding challenges and by diverting the attention whilst pushing the boundaries a little bit each time. I would not hesitate to recommend Anna-Marie in any coaching or training situation.
Ian, Programme Manager, Abu Dhabi

Having Anna-Marie as my running coach was a great opportunity for me. She helped me learn which are my skills  and my weaknesses, improving both of them. She also helped me realise what kind of athlete I am and which races are the ones for me.


With her help I reached my goals, like achieving a medal in the Italian Skyrunning Championship and competing in the European Vertical Kilometre Championships. I really think she’s the best coach I could ever have! 

Rebecca, Athlete, North Italy

“Working with Anna was an insightful and productive journey which has left me feeling more positive about my current role and more focused about my future direction.  


Anna made some interesting and spot-on observations about my current situation and posed challenging questions which helped me to look at things from a different perspective. 


For me the impact of each session was a subtle shift in how I managed my work and personal life which has led to greater productivity, boundary setting and enjoyment.  I now have a clear plan and timetable to work towards my next career move”.  

Jacqui, Senior Manager

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