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Running Coaching

Whether it's a 5K or an ultra, everyone has a first race. Breaking past the marathon distance physically, mentally and emotionally is a rite of passage. 


If you’ve got a tiny voice inside softly whispering, “I wonder if I could do an ultra,” listen to it. Dream, research, plan, train and prepare.  

Whether it's your first trail race, an ultra or a multi-stage challenge, Anna-Marie offers training programmes, specialist advice around event preparation in harsh environments, and ninja mindset race strategies. She is holds the Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) qualification through England Athletics and is delighted to be recommended as a 33Fuel Coach.

Monthly training programmes include; personalised macro training programme based on race and performance goals, then micro training blocks with running sessions focused on drills, speed-work, tempo, technique, hill-work and recovery, plyometrics, strength and conditioning delivered through Training Peaks. Each programme includes an online or face-to-face (Wiltshire/Somerset based) check in session that offers the opportunity to review progress, race preparation/debrief and explore endurance mindset strategies. 

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Athlete Races

Marathon des Sables

ULTRA X Jordan

ULTRA X England 125

Mozart 100

Lakeland 100 

Lakeland 5 Passes

Trail Verbier de St-Bernard by UTMB

Arctic Trail Ultra

XNRG Pilgrim's Challenge

Maverick Adidas TERREX UTSJC

Stour Valley Path 100

Anna-Marie is an awesome coach! She takes a holistic approach to training that involves building strength and flexibility as well as improving running economy. The program is supplemented by practices that help athletes increase their awareness, such as breathwork. The running regimen itself is always engaging and interesting, complete with drills and footwork, and a focus on correct posture ~ Carrie

Anna-Marie successfully coached me to a top half finish at the Marathon Des Sables in 2022. I really appreciated her coaching style as it in introducing a mix of Yoga, Strength work and different types of running all delivered weekly through training peaks. I would highly recommend Anna-Marie for coaching for all types of running and endurance events from running to Ironman type events. Thank you again for getting me through the MDS event ~ Olly

Working with Anna-Marie definitely took my abilities to the next level. Although we started working together during a challenging time in the running world (ALL of the races being cancelled), with RFM coaching I was able to improve my coordination, build up core strength, and best my 5k time. Anna-Marie was also flexible and responsive - always ensuring that I was happy and healthy during training, and adapting to sudden changes in plan ~ Michelle

I booked Anna Marie for an online training evaluation for my brother for his 40th birthday. My brother has recently got into Ultra Running and is doing really well - I thought it would be nice for him to get some structured advice from an expert. The process was seamless and Anna Marie was really flexible with arranging the training and the feedback that I got from my brother was great - really sound advice and some things he would never have thought of. He loved it. I would highly recommend ~ Sarah Jane 

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