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Slaughterford 9 (January) - 4th lady/69th overall (1:10:26)

Greenman Ultra (March) - 1st lady/14th overall (7:38:51). Blog post - here

Highland Kings Ultra 50km (April) - 1st lady/5th overall (8:04:43)

Maverick Adidas TERREX X-Series Exmoor (May) - 5th lady/17th overall (7:28:47)

Exmoor Endurance Life Marathon (June) - 3rd lady/6th overall (5:06:04)

Lavaredo 80km (June) - 34th lady/216th overall (13:27:02). Blog post - here

Wendover Woods 10 (July) - 1st lady/17th overall (1:32:26)

DBMax Titan Brecon Triathlon (July) - Team Bryn's Besties - 2nd overall (6:32:39)

OCC by UTMB (August) - 102nd lady/502 overall (8:25:26)

Ultra Trail Monte Rosa multi-stage - 170km over 4 days (September) - 7th lady/1VF/21st overall (30:18:01)



Slaughterford 9 (January) - 7th lady/76th overall (1:13:21)

South Devon Endurance Life Marathon (February) - 2nd lady/16th overall (4:45:42)

DBMax Chilly Duathlon (February) - 1st lady/32nd overall (1:06:09) 

Centurion South Downs Way 50 (April) - 10th lady/70th overall (8:47:25 incl. 1hr penalty). Race report - link here

Highland Kings Ultra (April) - 120 miles in 4 days - Ambassador & Coach

DBMax #51fiver Triathlon (May) - Team Snailed It - 2nd overall (2:37:29)

Mozart 100 by UTMB (June) - 10th lady/140th overall (15:28:48). Blog post - here

Tour de Savoie, UTMB World Series 145km (August) - 34th lady/236th overall - (32:50:32). Blog post - here

Gower Endurance Life Marathon (November) - 3rd lady/14th overall (4:55:21)


8 Tour de Trigs, Devon (April) - 1st lady/4th overall. New CR (6:07:23)

FKT - White Horse Trail, Wiltshire - 101 miles (May) - Supported Female (22:23:54). Film - link here

Lakes Mountain Trails 100km (July) - DNF. Blog post - here

Plain Crazy (December) - 8th lady/42nd overall (1:40:48)


Slaughterford 9 (January) 1st lady/30th overall (1:08:12) 

DBMax Chilly 10 (February) - 1st lady/42nd overall (41:20)


Gran Canaria Advanced - 65km (March) - 4th lady/33rd overall (7:48:30). Blog post - here

FKT - Dan Booth Round, Wiltshire (June) - Supported Female (3:51:13)

FKT - Limestone Link, Somerset (July) - Supported Female (6:29:35)

Two Tunnels 50km Ultra, Somerset (August) - 3rd lady (4:37:09)

Xtreme Coast Ultra, Cornwall - 130km over 3 days (October) - 2nd lady (14:04:56)

FKT - Mendip Way, Somerset (October) - Self-supported Female (9:50:25)


ULTRA X Sri Lanka Multi-stage - 250 km over 5 days (April) - 1st lady/7th overall (29:53:00). Blog post - here

Calne Aquathlon (March) - 1st lady/5th overall (28:39.6)

Chippenham Longest Day 10K (June) - 3rd lady/39th overall (40:51.7)

Ultra Trail World Tour - Lavaredo 120km Ultra (June) - 8th lady/3rd Brit/71st overall (17:17:24). Blog post - here

Westonbirt House 10K (July) - 2nd lady/28th overall (42:07.3)

Ultra Trail World Tour - CCC 101km Ultra (August) - 22nd lady/5th Brit/3rd VF1 (15:47:36). Blog post - here

World Ranking Ultra Trail World Tour - Ladies (based on 5 x UTWT races in 3 yrs as at 9/11/19) - 10th overall


Diagonale de Fous 100 miles (October) - DNF. Blog post - here


Ultra Trail World Tour - Trans Gran Canaria 125km Ultra (February) - 8th lady (17:08:22) 

Marathon des Sables 230km/7 days in Sahara Desert (April) - 5th lady/59th overall (29:04:43). Blog post - here

Round Gozo XTERRA Ultra (May) - 1st lady/5th overall (5:33:46)

IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire (June) - 2nd AG/16th lady (5:04:33). Qualified World Championships

IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships in South Africa (September) - 13th AG (5:02:50). Blog post - here

Exmoor 50 Ultra (October) - 1st overall (6:00:00)

Cappadocia Medium Trail (October) - 2nd lady/17th overall (6:47:43). Blog post - here

Oman by UTMB 135km Ultra (November) - 1st lady/9th overall (26:20:27). Blog post - here

Ultra Trail World Tour Ladies Annual Ranking - 7th overall. Further details - here


DBMax Duathlon Series, Castle Coombe (February) - 1st lady/36th overall (50:08.9) & 16/17 Ladies Champion

Malta Half Marathon (March) - 4th lady (1:26:22)

XNRG Devil's Challenge South Downs Multi-day 150km Ultra (April/May) - 1st overall (14:27:36)

Gran Trail Courmayeur 105km Ultra (July) - 1st lady/10th overall (20:17:34). Blog post - here

Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc 170km (September) - 7th lady/5th Brit/93rd overall (28:32:16). Blog post - here

Half Marathon des Sables Fuerteventura 120km over 4 days (September) - 1st lady/14th overall (13:51:26)


The Oner - Brutal Event (April) - 1st lady, 2nd overall & new CR 17:35:03)

Questars Adventure Race (May) - 4th Masters mixed team

Isle of Jura Fell Race (May) - 10th lady/95th overall (4:46:19)

XNRG Round the Island (July) - 1st lady/2nd overall & new CR (10:26:41)

Weymouth 70.3 Triathlon (September) - 3rd in AG/11th lady (5:15:22). Qualified World Championships

Ultra Trail World Tour Cappadocia Ultra Trail (October)  - 1st lady/5th overall (14:25:45)



Dubai Marathon, United Arab Emirates (3:26:48)

ITU World Triathlon Abu Dhabi Long Course, United Arab Emirates - 2nd AG (4:22:38)

Marathon des Sables, Morocco - 2nd lady/47th overall (29:40:19)

Challenge Roth, Germany (11:06:13)

XNRG Cotswold Way Challenge Multistage Ultra, UK - 2nd overall/1st lady (9:39:41)

St.Oswald's 100 Mile Ultra, Northumberland, UK -  2nd lady/13th overall (23:24:00)



Abu Dhabi Short Course - 3rd lady overall (4:15:52)

IRONMAN 70.3 Pays d'Aix, France - 3rd lady 35-39 AG, 15th lady overall (5:08:10)

Ergo IRONMAN 70.3 Luxembourg - 5th lady 35-39 AG (4:53:06)

Castle Howard Olympic Triathlon, UK - 8th lady overall (2:34:55)

IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships, Mount Tremblant, Canada - 26/117 35-39 AG (5:00:17) 

Dubai International Long Course Triathlon, United Arab Emirates - 3rd lady overall, 1st 35-39 AG (4:52:57)


North Face 100, New South Wales, Australia (20/127, 13:46:51)

 GeoQuest 48 hour Adventure Race, Australia

Bigman Triathlon, Prague, Czech Republic (1st lady)

Tasmanian East Coast Cycle

Kathmandu 12hr Adventure Race, Australia (1st mixed team)

IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships, Las Vegas, USA - 31st lady/117 overall 30-34 AG (5:15:49)

IRONMAN 70.3 Port Macquaire, Australia - 6th 30-34 AG (5:08:17)

Convict 50 MTB - 10th lady/89th overall (2:25:23)


2004 - 2012

London Marathon, UK (2004 - 3:58:55 & 2005 - 3:32:15)

Edinburgh Marathon, UK (3:27:36)

Chamonix Cross, France

Everest Marathon, Nepal

CCC, Italy, France & Switzerland 

Auckland to Greymouth self-supported cycle

Dead Sea Ultra, Jordan

Kathmandu Adventure Race, Australia (1st mixed team)

Capital Punishment 50km MTB

IRONMAN 70.3 Canberra, Australia (11th AG, 5:12:49)

Running Coaching

Anna-Marie works with athletes to reach their trail running goals; from taking the plunge to head onto the trails, tackling an ultra for the first time, to focusing on a life changing event such as the infamous Marathon des Sable or Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc.  
Learn from Anna-Marie's successes and lessons learnt gained from over eleven years competing across the world. She offers bespoke structured training programmes to work around your work and life commitments with regular check in conversations or one-off consultations. Get in touch to find out how you can work with Anna-Marie to improve your running from a physical and mental perspective here.

Motivational Speaking

Anna-Marie draws stories from her endurance athletic successes to inspire and motivate you. She shares the high and lows from competing in the toughest ultra races in the world. From the Marathon des Sables described as "more hellish than hell" by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the wind battered snowy mountains of the French Alps and the challenge to keep going after racing for nearly thirty hours.   
Key themes include peak performance, finding your flow, resilience and deeper wellbeing. Previous events Anna-Marie has supported are elite Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Conference, The ULTRA Festival, WAA Athlete Meetup, XNRG Alps Seminar and Rooster Talks at The Glove Factory amongst others. Be in touch to start the conversation and plan your next event here


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