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What is Analytic-Network Coaching?

The Analytic-Network Coaching (A-Nc) System™ is a new concept tackling challenges facing individuals and organisations in the 21st century.


The A-N Coaching System™ is not a prescriptive coaching formula, - rather, it is a flexible process in which coaches and clients work together systematically through five 'frames' on a reflective leadership journey.

The A-N Coaching System™ was developed recently by Dr Simon Western and builds upon his background of psychoanalysis and family therapy. His academic work draws upon leadership, organisational culture, architecture, environmentalism, religious studies, politics and social sciences theories from a critical and ethical perspectives, and his central philosophy is to work in ‘good faith’ to build the ‘good society’. These ideas are developed further in his books Leadership: A Critical Text and Coaching and Mentoring: A Critical Text.


Our 21st century 'network society' is constantly evolving; organisations and  therefore, their leaders must continuously adapt to successfully face these demands. This perpetual dynamic rate of change can disrupt any feelings of stability, leaving leaders dislocated and disassociated at work and in their general life. The A-N Coaching System™ helps clients to locate and ground themselves, and to visually map their networks to positively influence leadership at work, across their networks, and within their daily lifestyles. Further information on the A-N Coaching System™  can be found here.

Analytic-Network Coaching Depth Analysis Relational Analysis Leadership Analysis Network Analysis Strategy Analysis

Anna-Marie is an accredited A-N Coaching System™ coach and part of an international network that supports emergent thinking and shared learning. This network of trained professional coaches delivers new leadership and whole-system change through the promoting ethical and networked approaches for leaders and managers. See the directory of accredited A-N Coaching System™ coaches can be found here. 

The 5 Frames

Depth Analysis - Passion Purpose Desire
Depth Analysis


Coaching our inner-self to discover personal insights, authenticity, joy, meaning, spirituality and clarifying our values, purpose and desire.

Relational Analysis Relationships Communication Listening
Relational Analysis


Coaching our relational-self to explore how others relate to us; and how others relate to us, finding patterns, addressing challenges and managing emotions attached to relationships to improve the balance between teamwork, leadership and lifestyle.

Leadership Analysis Controller Therapist Messiah Eco-Leader
Leadership Analysis


Coaching our leader-within to fulfill our own unique leadership potential; developing new understandings of 21st century leadership against the four discourses of leadership (Controller, Therapist, Messiah and Eco-Leader) and the notion of 'followship', then determining how to distribute leadership across organisations.

Network Analysis
Network Analysis


Coaching our networked-self by locating and grounding ourselves within our networks, and developing a "networked mindset". Coaching to influence nodal change-points and harness the power of our networks to grasp emergent opportunities.

'Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one'.

Jane Howard

Strategic Analysis Big picture thinking
Strategic Analysis


Coaching our strategic mindset to deliver strategic personal, team and organisational plans after reviewing the previous four frames. Developing strategic 'big-picture' thinking through innovation is a core task of today’s leaders.

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