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Sports Performance

Sport is a universal language that speaks across the board to weekend warriors, enthusiastic fun runners, eager beginners focusing on their first race, dedicated team players, devoted fanatics and committed social supporters. Everyone has their own stories and analogies that describe their mental highs and lows throughout training, racing or watching sport, whether it’s a 5K, IRONMAN triathlon, or vital team final.

'To break through your performance; you need to break through your psychology'  

Tim Ferris


Sports’ coaching gained precedence in the 1960s and has grown to be a multi-million dollar industry. Lessons learned from sports psychology and practical experiences can easily be integrated into the business environment and one's personal life. 

Anna-Marie places 1st lady & 14th overall in 1st Edition Half Marathon des Sables Fuerteventura, September 2017

Coaching Lessons from Sports to Business

  • Goal setting (performance, process and outcome)

  • Focus on measures of performance

  • Clear visible success or failure

  • Competitive environment


  • Motivation

  • Imagery

  • Performance anxiety control (thought-control, task-focus, emotional-control & behavourial strategies)

  • Deliberate practice in training

  • Self-confidence

Specific Coaching Topics

Adapted from Mastering Coaching by Max Landsberg (2015)

Anna-Marie holds the Coaching in Running Fitness qualification through England Athletics and has worked in partnership with a qualified and experienced sports coach for the last eleven years, which has undeniably improved her performance. Learn more about her international ultra running career and recent sporting achievements can be found here.

Training as a running coach and being coached in a sporting capacity has massively supported and enhanced Anna-Marie's professional performance coaching. The core concepts of accountability, goal-setting and motivation from the sports arena can be easily transferred into a work environment and personal circumstances. Anna-Marie has shared her endurance training and racing stories on various podcasts such as Talk Ultra, Tough Girl, Zestology and The Running Stories - check out her Media page for more

Healthy eating Nutrition wellbeing

Healthy Body = Healthy Mind


Lifestyle factors such as sleep, nutrition and stress management are intrinsically linked to sporting peak performance, and are managed meticulously by elite athletes. These areas are often neglected or overlooked in our chaotic 21st-century lifestyles, which has an adverse impact on our mental agility and our ability to reach peak performance in business and in life. Anna-Marie works with a range of qualified nutritionists and wellbeing professionals to ensure the whole body is aligned to achieve peak performance. 

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