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Fitter Food: Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing advice delivered through weekly podcasts regular emai

The Fitter Food team of Keris Marsden, Matt Whitmore and Hamish (the Bavarian Blood Hound) burst onto our airwaves nearly two years ago with their entertaining and information packed podcasts. Their combined credentials of qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer, Strength Coach and Health Coach and inquisitive natures ensures each episode is crammed full of golden knowledge nuggets.

Together Keris and Matt form the perfect package to debate issues such as stress management, positive mindset, 100 rep challenge (that I've successfully integrated into my daily routine with noticeable results), hormones, flexible dieting amongst a wealth of other topics. There are over fifty podcasts available in the Fitter Food library and I'd definitely recommend plugging in today to integrate a successful life long recipe for health and fat loss. The success and longevity of performance coaching in your life is aptly described by the old adage "healthy body and healthy mind". ​

"The Paleo Primer" recipe book is filled with innovative tasty recipes stands at the centre of our kitchen cook book collection. My daily brekkie ritual which used to compromise the typical western carb loaded processed cereal, fruit and OJ has been replaced with balanced protein and fat real food dishes. Eggs, avocado and bacon features regularly! My body composition has altered with greater muscle definition and energy levels have sky rocketed throughout the day. Definitely worth every penny and a bit of dedication to preserve through any carb withdrawal symptoms.

Note: There is no arrangement or formal endorsement between Reach for More. and the authors or businesses mentioned.

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