What's Been the Toughest Challenge You've Encountered Establishing Reach for More, Your Performance Coaching Business?


That’s easy – the toughest challenges all centre around business aspects as opposed to actual coaching.  While there have been certain coaching sessions that I’ve walked away from mulling over the specific wording of a question I have posed or an unconscious gesture that could have revealed an element of internal uncertainty or made a decision to continue working with a particular client as the remit of the original contract shifted due to wider organisational factors, the trickiest tests I’ve faced time and time again are linked to the running of Reach for More. 


Each time I have had uncertainties with coaching, supervision sessions have provided the space for me to explore each situation, often exposing deeper unconscious bias, limiting beliefs or perceptions against long standing professional ethical guidelines.  Once uncovered, I have been able to subsequently refine and develop my practice. However, you can become the best and most highly skilled coach in the world yet if you’re missing business acumen; you haven’t got a business.


Business name - Yes

Logo - Yes

Website - Yes

Business cards - Yes

Networking - Yes

Business strategy - Yes

Social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram - Yes

Working all hours - Yes


I’ll admit I was incredibly enthusiastic though potentially rather (read very) naïve when I dived feet first into establishing Reach for More. My action focused task list and meticulous tracking system measured productivity as day after day I cajoled myself to drag myself out of the door for another breakfast networking event, track endless bits of paper to keep the taxman happy or draft another blog that could simply disappear into the black hole of LinkedIn’s latest algorithm.


It was tough. The glossy, chirpy social media façade can sugar coat reality and although the high points have been beyond my wildest dreams; the lows have at times felt bottomless. Yet slowly, what seemed to be one step forwards and two back, started to change to two steps forwards and one back. The ability to embrace failure, shed a few tears, dust myself off and get back up again, time after time has meant my business, is still in business.


It took time to embrace the natural coaching cycle and accept the finite nature of