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Global Nomadic Leaders

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Dr. Katrina Burrus kindly invited me to her home in Geneva earlier this year after connecting through the International Coach Federation (ICF) Leadership and Executive Community of Practice (CP). She’s created a unique niche coaching “Global Nomadic Leaders” a phrase she coined after working with individuals who are:

“Masters of multiculturalism, raised in multiple countries, speaking multiple languages, Global Nomadic Leaders are highly mobile and adaptive individuals, thriving on change and gifted with multicultural intelligence. They readily understand how to run business and manage employees across cultures, promoting cohesion while respecting diversity” Dr.Katrina Burrus.

Our conversations ranged across the diverse set of influences which have shaped the coaching profession over the last twenty years; touching on various social, cultural, economic and political factors. Some of these ideas were captured for the 89th episode of her podcast “Excellent & Executive Coaching” titled “When Sports and Coaching Leaders Combine” (link for the episode download is here) and the following questions provided a prompt to structure my ideas:

Excellent Executive Coaching Podcast

1. What is your professional & personal experience of being a Global Nomadic Leader?

2. How have you drawn from your experience to support your coaching clients & the wider coaching community?

3. What are the main themes that you’ve observed coaching Global Nomadic Leaders Expat?

ICF Communities of Practice

These groups provides a virtual venue for coaches with a shared interest in a specific topic to advance their professional development; deepen their subject-matter expertise; and share best practices, emerging trends, tools and tips. If you’re a coach, manager, leader, or simply interested in any of the topic areas below further information can be found here.

International Coach Federation

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Internal Coaching

Life Vision & Enhancement Coaching

Team and Work Group Coaching

Executive Coaching & Leadership Community of Practice

Myself and Hsuan-hua co-lead the Executive Coaching & Leadership CP with over 3,000 coaches registered in the Leadership and Executive CP LinkedIn Group. Every quarter webinars are hosted to provide a platform to share ideas and discuss best practice. If you’re interested in joining register here to join the conversation.

Dr. Katrina Burrus focused on “Coaching Brilliant & Abrasive Leaders” for the first webinar of 2017. The recording of the webinar can be found here.

Our next webinar is scheduled for Thursday 20th July at 4pm BST where Dr.Simon Western will share ideas around Leadership based on his Analytic-Network model and apply theory to practice with tangible action points for listeners to take way to integrate into their practice. Further details of his research can be found:

There’s a wealth of knowledge, expertise & skills waiting to be unlocked through the various links in this post. Feel free to share the various links & suggest other recommendations discovered through during your own ongoing learning journey.

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