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Monthly Memories - September 2016

Stunning views across Vosges Mountains in Alsace, France


Heading back to the UK on the early morning cross channel ferry seems a perfect opportunity to cast my mind back over August & cherry pick my top five monthly memories.

1. Heading to Helsinki to join fellow Performance Coaches for an induction coaching course based on the innovative work of Aki Hintsa. Totally relate to the holistic approach that encompasses core, mental energy, physical activity, general health, nutrition, biomechanics & sleep to optimise performance.

2. Catching up with WAA (What An Adventure) team at Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc (UTMB) expo in Chamonix. Lovely to meet fellow WAA athletes & share endurance stories.

3. Celebrating my aunt & uncles Ruby wedding anniversary with the first complete Watson clan gathering in over twenty years. Great to catch up with extended family members & hear their news.

4. Working remotely from my home in Chamonix surrounded by stunning French Alps for inspiration - gotta love Internet connectivity & Skype. The power of coaching across borders.

5. Heading outdoors on crazy summer #microadventures with Ben on mini Tour de Mont Blanc 3 day expedition & epic 175km Rue des Crettes in Alsace cycle. Love the training & sight seeing combo in the sun.

I hope everyone's had an amazing August & created so many monthly memories it's a challenge to pick the top five. It would be great to hear about your selection via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


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