Minds Over Matter

14 Feb 2019


It doesn’t make sense.


My head hurts from thinking about it.


I’ve logically analysed every potential solution; there is no solution!


These statements are usually accompanied by a puzzled look of confusion, doubt or outright despair. My clients have generally grappled with their predicament, challenge or opportunity; often for months, years and sometimes even decades. Sharp, intellectually astute and leaders within their field, our clients have usually scrutinised every possible angle…within their heads. 

The fascination with our mental abilities has gained prominence as our intuitive awareness of our embodied self has gradually diminished. The “knowledge economy” within which we reside places the utmost value on data, and our business culture places ever greater importance on our cognitive facets. 


Our enchantment with the digital era is illustrated by the way we view our biological bodies. Neural pathways are likened to computer networks and our brain equated to software which directs activity. Our physical existence is equated to a biocomputer in our brain and our body parts compartmentalised into separate pieces at the beck and call of our brain. This reductionist approach shrinks our minds, bodies and ultimately our potential world. 


“Consciousness always includes the whole living being, never the brain alone”

Clemens Arvay, Biologist. 


Over recent years, scientific research has demonstrated neural networks exist beyond our brains with dense clusters in our heart and gut. Our enteric nervous system, or gut, is composed of 500 million neurons; or 2% of the number found within our brain. While that does not sound like much, in order to place this further into context, this is five times more than the 100 million neurons in our human spinal cord, while our feline friends’ cerebral cortex has just 300 million neurons.