Women's Adventure Expo - Saturday 28th January 2017

15 Jan 2017

 ‘Everyone Can Be An Ambassador For Adventure In Their Daily Life. It’s All About Talking The Talk And Walking The Walk Every Day. There Is A World Of Adventure To Explore Every Time You Step Outside Your Front Door’. Anna-Marie Watson.


Half the battle of committing to and completing an adventure, whether it be big or small, is convincing ourselves that we can do it. Performance coach, founder of ‘Reach for More’, ex-military Officer and qualified expedition leader, Anna-Marie Watson, believes that the human body is capable of amazing things and that it is the mind that stops us. She has been able to overcome and push her mental and physical boundaries through participation in extreme endurance events such as the Ultra Trail World Tour Future Series, Ironman 70.3 World Championships and Marathon des Sables (where she was the second female to finish in 2015). Drawing on her own experiences, Anna-Marie encourages others to commit to and achieve their goals through her performance coaching. Women’s Adventure Expo are lucky enough to have Anna-Marie lead a workshop at our ‘Create Your Own Adventure Brand’ event at the end of the month, so we thought it was time to find out a bit more about this amazing lady……  


Anna-Marie, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. As you know, Women’s Adventure Expo is all about inspiring women to get out there and have an adventure and clearly your role as a performance coach is to do the same. 


Who inspires you to get out there and complete your many challenges and why? 


My dad has been a key role model and source of inspiration for me throughout my life. He has a great love of the outdoors, an innate curiosity of the world, passion for running and infectious positive outlook on life. I grew up during the 80s and 90s in the pre Easyjet era where travel wasn’t as commonplace as now. I was lucky to experience my first glacier aged two months in Norway, though some might call that child abuse now!


Holidays were the highlight of the year and I distinctly remember family planning conferences where we all had the opportunity to share ideas. Our Indian and Nepali adventure in 1990 involved a combination of seeing the Taj Mahal (my mum’s idea), Everest (my brother’s request), animals in Chitwan National Park (my idea) and trekking in the Gurkha Himal east of the Annapurna region (my dad’s suggestion).


The Meek Family adopt a similar philosophy and I particularly like their quote ‘Adventure is out there; you just have to go and find it’. I would definitely recommend checking out their blog (http://www.dotrythisathome.com) or reading their book ‘100 Family Adventures’. It is also worth emulating the younger generations’ natural curiosity of the world; we could and should learn to adopt their inquisitive nature and explore the marvel of everyday life that surrounds us.


Ultimately I’m inspired by anyone who genuinely follows their dreams and is willing to take a risk to follow their passion. I love to surround myself with a network of inspirational people to bounce ideas around and draw motivation from each other. Social media can be a really helpful tool to remind yourself what you can achieve when you focus and combat any brief negative ‘wobble’.


So what is really exciting in the world of adventure at the moment? 


It’s super exciting that the adventure ‘movement’ is slowly beginning to infiltrate mainstream thought as a counter-reaction to normal Western ‘everyday life’. The internet has been a great tool to share ideas and connect a wider community of like-minded individuals. Adventurers are able to attract widespread attention and over the last few months I’ve been influenced by Dave Cornthwaite (