What is Coaching?


Performance coaching empowers you to examine your professional role at work and evaluate links into other areas. Biologically humans only have one brain to process information therefore everyone's thoughts, emotions and behaviour are intrinsically linked across our lives - despite our best endeavour to occasionally compartmentalise different areas. 

"Coaching is about unlocking potential in order to maximise performance - it's about bringing out the best in people" 

Sir John Whitmore

Performance coaching enables you to adopt new strategies, change perspectives, reassess values and beliefs to produce positive change and transformative results. 

The process moves through four stages using a diverse range of different tools which are individually adapted to encourage active conversation based on personal preferences and learning styles.
There is inevitably a natural period of transition within any period of change as it takes time to adopt new ideas, behaviours and strategies. This progression ensures the sustainable growth and development of a business. READ more about the performance coaching process.
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What do you want to accomplish?

What would you start today if you knew you could not fail?

What’s holding you back from achieving your goals?

Individual Clients
Communications skills
Team relationships
Transition or change
Conflict resolution
Behaviour change
"Stuck in a rut"
Productivity and performance
Career decisions
Emotional awareness

Business Organisations

Cultural diversity 

Management and team building training

Communications skills

Organisational management


Talent recognition 

Performance management

Productivity and performance

Task allocation

Project planning

Customer service



Conflict Resolution

Career Succession Planning

Unlock Your Potential | Reach For More.
Anna-Marie is an accredited coach with the largest professional global association for coaching: International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF is committed to maintaining and promoting excellence and expects all accredited coaches to adhere to the elements and principles of ethical conduct: to be competent and integrate ICF Core Competencies effectively in their work. Further information can be found HERE.
Anna-Marie co-hosts the ICF Executive and Leadership Coaching Community of Practice with Hsuan-hua. There are quarterly webinars organised to support ongoing professional development and the LinkedIn Group provides a space to share ideas. There are currently over four thousand members and if you're interested in finding out more follow this LINK
Anna-Marie is registered with the International Coach Federation and Life Coach Directory.
Download the International Coach Federation brochure to learn more about coaching HERE.
Source: 2009 ICF Global Coaching Survey in association with PWC
Excellent Executive Coaching | Dr Katrina Burrus

Dr. Katrina Burrus interviews Anna-Marie for her "Excellent Executive Coaching" PODCAST about coaching Global Nomadic Leaders. The conversation focuses on her professional and personal experience of being and working with Global Nomadic Leaders, how this supports her coaching philosophy and the main themes that have consistently arisen.

Why partner with a coach? | ICF
In this VIDEO, the International Coach Federation (ICF) offers an introduction to professional coaching, and explains the benefits of partnering with a coach to achieve goals.
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