'The more that you read,

The more things you will know. 

The more that you learn, 

The more places you'll go...'

Dr. Suess 

The blog posts below pull together ideas absorbed from world-renowned thought leaders and link them to my own thoughts, observations and experiences. They combine elements of the business world, general life and competing as an endurance athlete - as the human brain doesn't exist as an isolated entity, and is influenced by our physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing. These concepts are linked to a broader perspective of sustainable performance which combines mindset, movement, exposure to nature, nutrition, hormones, neurological health, social connections and other factors. 

Explore Discover Hike - Diagonale des Fous

“I’m done”. Tears which I’d kept at bay for the last five hours streamed down my face. After twenty-three hours and 112km of slippery, muddy, gnarly root infested trails with knee buckling steps I’d finally reached the high point of Maido. Temperatures had plummeted to a frosty 7c then crept above 30c before dropping again in the space of just a few hours. The stunning rugged volcanic scenery was either clocked in darkness or tantalisingly hidden beyond my frame of reference as my world had shrunk down to just the metre ahead of me and the placement of my next step. The “I’m not good enough” monster whose roots stem back to my childhood reared its ugly head in full force. This time, while

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